About Us


After 18 years of working for a leading manufacturer of welding alloys specializing in maintenance and repair, in 1984 Larry Schmedding formed Agri-Tool & Supply to incorporate new ideas and improve welding products. After many years of research and testing, Agri-Tool & Supply introduced Perfect Pass Welding Products. Growing one step at a time, Perfect Pass has continued to expand it’s products to include stick electrodes, welding wires, powderstorches and TIG torch rods.

In 1990, ATS started distributing sawmill and debarker parts made out of a high-alloy casting. ATS has been successful in expanding in the market of forestry parts, despite difficult times for the lumber industry. Throughout the years, Agri-Tool & Supply and Perry Points of Ft. Benton, MT worked together on many different welding and wear control parts. Upon the passing of the owner, Mr. Loran Perry, Agri-Tool & Supply purchased Perry Points from Mrs. Delores Perry and merged the two companies together for a very good fit of welding and processor parts.

With over 40 years in the industry, Agri-Tool & Supply is a key distributor of welding  and forestry supplies and equipment, and has emphasis on agricultural and forestry products including heavy equipment manufacturing and repair. Agri-Tool & Supply specializes in maintenance and repair alloys, stick electrodes, wire, powder alloys, wear control items, plates, and spikes. All of the castings have been, and will continue to be, made in the Pacific Northwest.
Agri-Tool and Supply makes a conscious effort to use USA homegrown products.