B-5 Bars

B-5 Bars

Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Forestry |

The B-5 Bar was developed  about 1980, or so.

Larry was building parts for the Log Processor/Harvester Machine, and the customers were in need of something that lasted longer. Because of Larry’s experience in making Debarker Spikes or Tips, a manufacturer came and asked what he had for this problem.

At first, we didn’t have very good luck, as they were too hard and fractured real easy, so we modified the alloy. Success! Larry was building Spikes for the Post & Pole Peelers and he showed the “B-5” Bar to a customer in Wyoming. The customer wanted to try the Bar in place of the Spikes. It lasted about 10 times the life of the original product.

Because of this extended life of the bars, some of the operators have shown an increase in volume and less damage to the wood fiber post.

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