Perfect Pass 2055

Perfect Pass 2055 allows delicate, even fragile parts to be hardfaced without distortion or warpage. Fast-freezing slag, along with a soft arc, make for ease of application. Perfect Pass 2055 is a state-of-the-art wire, making for the best choice when overlaying smaller parts or for "painting" thin edges, or for use on agriculture and construction tools.
Available in 15lb & 33lb Spools

Perfect Pass 2060

Perfect Pass 2060 is a martensitic alloy designed as a general purpose hardfacing wire, offering a good balance of abrasion and impact resistance. Excellent choice for components that are required to maintain a sharp edge.
Available in 0.045" & 1/16" Diameter on 25lb Spools

Perfect Pass 1101

Perfect Pass 1101 has similar to high chromium carbide hardfacing alloy. It can be used on components subject to the most severe abrasive wear combined with low to moderate impact. It can be used where high temperature (1101° F) wear resistance is required.
Available in 0.045" & 1/16" Diameter on 25lb Spools

Perfect Pass 4044 FCG

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4044 FCG is a high-strength welding wire designed for “all position” welding of carbon and high-strength, low-alloy steels such as Mayari, Jalloy, T-1, HY-90, SSS-100, as well as AR 400/500 plate, and other high-impact steels. In addition to offering excellent physical properties, weld deposits of 4044 FCG are highly crack-resistant and can be used on weld joints that are under high restraint. For some applications, the preheat can even be reduced or eliminated.
Available in 0.045" & 1/16" Diameter on 25lb Spools

Perfect Pass CBU

Perfect Pass CBU is a low alloy, metal cored, tubular wire that yields a medium hardness deposit with good compressive strength. It provides good metal-to-metal wear resistance when overlayed on carbon and low alloy steels. Perfect Pass CBU is designed to be used with Argon-CO2 or Argon-O2 shielding gas mixtures.
Available in 0.045" & 1/16" Diameter on 25lb Spools

Perfect Pass E/O 8600 Spool FCG

Perfect Pass E/O 8600 Spool FCG is a gas shielded, high strength, crack resistant, flux cored wire specifically designed with a high strength property for welding problem-to-weld steels such as high carbon, tool steels and low alloy steels. This makes Perfect Pass E/O 8600 Spool FCG an excellent choice to weld dissimilar steels and can withstand heavy impact and shock loading.
Available in 0.045" Diameter on 10lb & 25lb Spools & 1/16" Diameter on 25lb Spools

Perfect Pass NA115

Specifically formulated high nickel wire for MIG welding cast iron requiring smooth, spatter-free, machinable deposits. Perfect Pass NA115 provides dense deposits with high ductility on cast irons that are not severely contaminated. Use where minimum heat input and dilution are required, repairing or building up engine blocks, gear housings and machine bases. Also excellent for filling holes or building up missing sections, underlayment for hardfacing, and may be used for joining cast iron to steel, stainless steels and other dissimilar materials.
Available in 0.035" & 0.045" Diameter on 11lb Spools